Curly Hair Styling Tips

Curly hair looks very beautiful and attractive if properly managed and cared for. Although curly hair can be of different types, it requires the same care, only with different types of cosmetic products. The hair can be very soft and thin but curly, or it can be rigid. Curls can also be of different types – strongly twisted or slightly curled, small and large. Tips for curly hair styling:

Natural Curly Hair

    1. Before you get a haircut, make sure the hairdresser is well educated in the hair structure and knows how to work with curly hair. To find out how the curly hair haircut will look the hair should be cut dry.
    2. Wash the hair with shampoo no more often than twice a week. Usually, curly hair is prone to dryness and the frequent use of a shampoo will make it even drier. To liven up the hair a little bit, simply fill up a spray bottle with clean water and spray the hair.
    3. To better manage the curly hair, apply the styling lotion while the hair is still wet. Allow to air dry without touching them so as not to disturb the curls.
    4. If the hair is soft and thin, lightly moisten it and apply the styling product. Allow to air dry or you can use a hair dryer. If you have dry hair, apply just little of hair cream on your hands and then massage and spread it throughout the hair.
    5. For curly hair with different type of curls – the most ideal products for it are styling gels and creams. This type of hair requires a little bit more moisture than the previous type. Also, you should choose the products that will help you to straighten it a bit. Additionally, let it dry on its own or you can use a hair dryer. For dry hair, apply a little cream. Then try not to touch it, otherwise it will get tangled and become excessively curly again. And try to avoid brushing.
    6. Very tight curls and stiff curly hair will require a strong hydration and moisturizing. Wash your hair once a week and let it air dry. Try to comb less, and only comb after a shower. To refresh your hair after sleeping, use a moisturizer for hair, gently apply it and spread it over the entire length. Be careful, because this type of hair is prone to breakage.

Different Types of Curly Haircuts

Extra tip: to avoid excessive tangling at night while sleeping, use satin pillowcases.