Curly Hair Haircuts

The main female adornment which cannot be substituted with expensive jewelry or fancy clothes has always been considered to be long wavy hair. Quite often you can hear women complain about how stubborn and unruly their hair is, but it is really just in the moments of weakness, because a woman will never trade her beautiful hair for anything.

Despite the fact that curly hair haircuts require a very special approach to get a professional result, the end, as they say, justifies the means.

Certainly, curly hair has a nice feature, such as its magnificent volume, the perpetual dream of your girlfriends that do not have natural curls. After all, nothing is more romantic, than long wavy hair, flowing in the wind.

But there is a fly in the ointment. And in this case it is called “stubbornness”. To style curly hair into a particular form without the use of a styling gel or foam is simply impossible.

If you are a happy owner of the luxurious curls, then in order to soften the hair and make them silky and soft, you should use masks for special care.  To preserve the healthy appearance, avoid dyeing, bleaching and straightening. The main enemy of curly hair is perm. But it is still worth to have a haircut, and at least once every couple of months trim the ends.

As for the conditioners, balms, face masks and shampoos, you should carefully choose them according to your type of hair. It should be noted that the experts and professionals do not forget about curly hair, and there are many products in the market specifically designed to care for curly hair.  Masks should only be used once every ten days, but for everyday styling, care and protection, it is better to use mousses and conditioners that contain micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Curly Hair Haircuts

Short haircuts for curly hair

Before choosing a haircut, you should first consult a professional stylist to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Everyone knows that this type of hair gets very fluffy after washing and drying, so often the result does not match the desired effect. But, if properly matched to the face type and style of the owner, the haircut will surely delight the others.

If the owner of the curly hair has high cheekbones, a hair cut suggestion that would look great will be where the curls fall on the cheekbones making their line appear softer. If a person has a round face then the better choice of the hairstyle will be the one with the hair length down to the chin.

We should also not forget about the type of curls which also matters. For small curls the appropriate choice would be an asymmetric haircut with the hair short in the back of the neck and long strands falling on the face, and the curly hair will look great having gradually descending effect with thick fringe.

Short Curly Hair Haircuts

Haircuts for curly hair with medium length

The choice depends entirely on the length of the intended result with a subsequent modification or vice versa. Therefore this method leaves a lot of room for imagination.

To make the hair appear curlier, select hairstyles where you clip out frequent “steps”. Preserving the full length of the hair will make the head appear smoother and the curly parts will primarily be at the ends.

And finally, here is a nice piece of information for the curly hair owners – they will never go out of fashion.

Medium Length Curly Hair Haircuts